Course Requirements. 15 lecture hours 6 clinical hours = 21 hours of instruction.

The lecture information is presented in an online format over a 4-week period. Students will complete course work on their own with weekly online virtual question and answer session. Upon completion students must pass the examination with a 75% or higher in order to move on to the clinical portion of the course.

Clinical instruction is delivered in a 1-day period.

Upon completion of the course, students continue to have access to the course materials for a year from the start of the course and gain access to monthly virtual coaching sessions.



1. Identify anatomical structures and neural pathways for the purpose of oral local anesthesia 2. Identify and safely use armamentarium required for local anesthesia. 3. Explain the pharmacological factors of the most common anesthetics used in dentistry 4. Effectively evaluate patients’ ability and readiness for local anesthesia procedures 5. Identify and manage adverse systemic and local complications associated with local anesthetics 6. Demonstrate competence in administering local anesthetics for injections used in dentistry

Teacher Tina RDH

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Tina Clarke RDH MEd

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Tina Clarke

Tina Clarke is the leading voice in anesthesia dental education. From head & neck anatomy, health histories, and practical tips and tricks to getting anesthesia right every time, Tina employs adult learning principles, equipping her course attendees for success. A nationally published author, podcaster, and founder of Teacher Tina RDH, she keeps her skills and knowledge current while continuing to serve the profession as a clinician, educator, trainer, speaker. Her teaching, training, and presenting style is upbeat and fun, making even the most difficult topics a delight to learn. Tina has been a clinical dental hygienist for over 20 years and an educator for nearly 15. She received her bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene in 2001 and her master’s degree in education in 2013.